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Whether you’re looking for office window tinting films to provide Energy Savings, Safety & Security, or even Graffiti Prevention, our commercial team is up to the task. Now more than ever Gold Coast businesses are looking for ways to save money and improve productivity within their own office environment. Heat, light and glare passing through office windows creates discomfort and makes a commercial buildings air conditioning system work much harder.

In 2011 the U.S. Department of Energy gave window tinting films a score of 5 out of 5 for cost effectiveness and probability of success in Energy Management projects for office buildings.

Decrease Energy Consumption

Window tinting decreases intruding heat in an office by up to 84%. This can significantly lower the amount of energy it takes to cool indoor work spaces. This can in some cases lead to dramatic cost savings after installation due to increased energy efficiency. In addition, WERS rated window films can give your commercial building a higher overall cooling star rating.                       

Improve the Appearance of your Office or Workplace

Different types of office window tinting film can change the appearance of your office windows. Choose from decorative matte and frosted window films to mirrored films that give your commercial building a professional and private look. Achieve the look of fine glass etching, without the cost that normally accompanies such a change. Add vibrant colours and graphic designs to any window or glass surface.

Reduce Fading and Glare

The sun’s harsh UV rays can fade and damage office furnishings, fabrics, and products. Window tinting is able to reduce up to 99% of these harmful rays, lengthening the lifespan of your valuable assets. This effect can also make your employees and tenants more comfortable by cutting down on annoying glare on computer screens, and preventing uncomfortable amounts of heat caused by direct sunlight in the mornings or afternoons. All of this can be done without reducing the amount of natural light entering the office building, providing a happy, healthy work environment.

Corporate Security and Safety

In up to 64% of burglaries, intruders gain access to an office or business premises by smashing through exterior glass. Applying office window tinting to your glass makes it harder to shatter and gain entry. The adhesive in the window film holds broken pieces of glass together. In this same way, window tinting comes in handy during extreme weather events. Debris from a strong winds normally flies through office windows with ease. Window tinting can aid in keeping unwanted articles from damaging your home or office as well as keep your loved ones and employees safe and comfortable. For added protection, you might consider a film from the Safety and Security line of products. These films are specifically designed to resist breaking or shattering. A window protected by safety and security film can provide up to 40X the normal strength of a standard glass window.


Office window tinting offers your business the promise of privacy. Office desks, computers and warehouse interiors can be hidden from curious onlookers. Employee desks, and sensitive documents can be kept out of the view of unwanted eyes. This can be done with a classy and professional appearance in a variety of window films ranging from a darker smoked tint to a completely reflective tint that allows almost no inward visibility, as well as frosted decorative window finishes.

Architects – Builders: How To Specify Quality Window Films

We specialise in the supply and installation of high quality window films to suit all applications, and therefore have a great deal of experience in working with project managers, designers and architects to ensure that the client or customer gets the exact solution they are looking for. Whether it’s a Low-E glass coating to improve a buildings energy efficiency all year round, or a frosted or printed graphic design for aesthetic appearance, we have the products, experience and skills to achieve your objectives to the highest standards while providing unbeatable value for money.

When specifying products for a particular project or installation, it is important that the correct details are provided to ensure that the specified brand and series of film is used to ensure that is meets your customers requirements. If recommendations are made, and then followed by the words “or similar” and/or “or Equivalent” the customer may end up with an inferior product, as the subcontractor may try to source cheaper materials to increase his/her profit margins. Common problems associated with substituted products include Adhesive Failures; Fading; Film crazing and shrinkage.

When you specify window films from a quality manufacturer, you can guarantee your customer a quality product backed by a written guarantee. Furthermore, by specifying Ultra Tint as the recommended installers, you can be confident that the films will be installed to the highest possible standards, with the full backing and support of the particular film manufacturer.

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