Window Film Thermal Image

Received this by email from a client, demonstrating how effectively window film can reduce the temperature in cars. We’ll let his email do the talking…

G’day Kevin,
Did a test today to show how effective your 3M CS35​ Tint is on the front windows. Around 9am in Sydney, for about half an hour, I left the window down slightly for ventilation while reading the newspaper. The Sun position was to the rear and left of the window and the images are of the strip of sunlight on the vinyl dashboard.

It can be seen from the normal image that the section of the dash beside the vent is shaded by the tinted window, and the points 2 & 4 on the thermal image are 36 and 31.6 degrees respectively whereas the points 1 & [Max] are at 61.8 and 63.6 degrees.

The outside temperature was 20 degrees.

It’s a pretty good demo of how good the tint is at blocking heat ingress into the car.

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