Who’s Working On Your Car?


What you see isn’t always what you get.

Does the voice on the telephone or the facade on the front of the building tell you much about the quality of workmanship you’ll receive? Not Really. WHO works on your car is every bit as important as WHERE you take your car.

Kevin Humphreys – OWNER, and National Certified Trainer for 3M Australia.

As National Certified Trainer for 3M Australia, Kevin Humphreys is called upon numerous times each year to conduct Window Film training and certification programs Australia-Wide, and was recently contracted to provide training and product education to Protective Films (Fiji) in order for them to take on the 3M Distributor rights in Suva, Fiji. His extensive experience in window film application and training makes him very particular about the attitude and level of skill of any installer that he employs to represent his company.

The History of Ultra Tint on the Gold Coast.

Ultra Tint began on the Gold Coast when Kym Buckland relocated here from Melbourne and purchased Gold Coast Window Tinting, an existing business with a good reputation for quality workmanship.

Kym later joined the Tint-a-Car franchise and renamed the business accordingly. After being dis-satisfied with the company’s franchise model and contractual restrictions, he left the franchise and resumed business under his original trading name from Melbourne; Ultratint.

Many of the newer tinting companies that have spawned on the Gold Coast since Ultratint’s arrival can be traced back to people who have at some point either been trained by or employed by Kym Buckland and Ultra Tint. One of those employees, who later went on to purchase and own Ultra Tint was Alan Bulmer. There is no denying that Alan’s 20+ years of experience and attention to detail in the window tinting industry has been a strong contributor to Ultra Tint’s success over the years.

In 1997, Alan employed and trained Kevin Humphreys, mentoring him for many years on the importance of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. In 2006, Kevin and Alan negotiated the sale of the company and have together worked hard to maintain and improve on the levels of quality that Ultra Tint is respected for today. While retaining the important ‘old fashioned values’ of the company, Kevin has been able to implement and integrate many new products, techniques and technologies within the business in order to remain at the forefront of the window film industry in Australia.

Currently, our team at Ultra Tint has combined industry experience of over 70 years.

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