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Ultra Tint have been the premiere choice for quality Gold Coast window tinting for over 30 years.
With film choices to suit all budgets.
We are the only window tinting company on the Gold Coast confident enough to offer a
100% Money Back Guarantee on the quality of our workmanship.

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Unsurpassed Car, Office & Home Window Tinting Available to Tweed Heads and surrounding suburbs.

Last night your co-worker called you from the side of the road; they’d been in an accident and asked you to come and pick them up. Although rattled, they will be ok– the car, will not. The following morning, you accompany them to the impound lot so they can reclaim personal belongings from the totalled car. In daylight, you see the car is a mangled mess, and while you’re shocked that your friend isn’t hurt, you’re impressed that the shattered glass seems magically held in place. Your co-worker tells you that they had their car window tinting done at Ultra Tint.

Since 1977 Ultra Tint has been installing car, office, and home window tinting to our Tweed Heads customers with masterful craftsmanship. Come down to our shop in Southport for a free quote, or schedule an assessment for our services for home and office window tinting in Tweed Heads.

Ultra Tint’s Superior Car Window Tinting near Tweed Heads

Good car window tinting turns heads and provides privacy for yourself and passengers. At Ultra Tint, we research all the films available on the market and only offer those that meet our high-quality standards. Protecting your car with window tinting not only prevents shattered glass from going everywhere, but tinting also blocks out virtually all UV rays and effectively reduces heat and glare within the vehicle. Cooler cars are more comfortable and save petrol due to lessened air conditioning costs, better visibility improves safety, and lower light penetration protects the interior from fading.

Our car window tinting for Tweed Heads vehicles complies with Queensland and NSW regulations, which requires less than 10% reflectivity and under 35% visible light transmittance (VLT) on the two front doors, while a darker VLT of 20% is now legal on the back windows. We are knowledgeable and eager to field your questions and help you choose the tinting option that is best for your car. Our team comprises of professional installers who have been trained and certified by each film manufacturer to perform installations. We are committed to quality installations and customer satisfaction, or you get your money back.

Quality Office Window Tinting for Tweed Heads

The benefits of window tinting for our Tweed Heads customers is not limited to cars. Our office and home window tinting (as seen around Tweed Heads) supplies sun protection for people and fade protection for furniture. Home and office window tinting in Tweed Heads creates a stylish and professional finish that provides benefits without sacrificing light or visibility. The reduced penetration of heat and UV rays saves on energy costs for temperature control. Our films for office and home window tinting in Tweed Heads come in decorative, matte, and frosted finish varieties each providing your property with the privacy needed to store expensive equipment without potential threats being able to see inside.

In the event of a burglary, just like your co-worker’s car windows, our film’s adhesive prevents shattered glass from becoming a dangerous mess. When you choose window tinting from Ultra Tint, you experience excellence in customer care, satisfaction guaranteed products and services, market-best warranties, and highly-skilled certified installers dedicated to implementing premium-quality window tinting solutions.

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