Ultra Tint Videos

A simple, non-biased guide to finding the best window film installer in your area. Filmed back in 2011, this information is as relevant today as it was then.

An educational video we produced to assist other tinters from around the world in learning newer, more advanced techniques to improve their skill level. This demonstration done by Kevin has already clocked over 1.36 MILLION hits on YouTube and is still climbing.
We currently have in excess of 3200 YouTube subscribers from all over the world.

Our second heat shrinking educational video, viewed over 278,000 times, providing yet another alternative to ‘old-fashioned’ and out-dated methods.

A Promotional Video we put together for Express Window Films in the USA using drone footage from a job we completed in Benowa QLD.

Demonstration of the super-hydrophobic effects of our NanoBionic Glass treatments.

A road test and comparison of the benefits of our NanoBionic coatings.

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