NanoBionic Glass

State of the Art Bionic Nanotechnology from Nanotec-USA:

Our exclusive NanoBionic smart-surface treatment for automotive windscreens and glass. This product uses molecular bonding with the specially treated glass surface to form a nano-scale structure that is highly repellent to dirt and water.

Who’s Nanotec-USA?

Nanotec-USA_logoNanotec-USA provides surface care solutions by using self-assembling bionic nanotechnology smart surface technology. Traditional surface coatings have been of a silicone, siloxane, silane, polymer, Teflon, PTFE or wax material. Nanotec-USA’s NanoBionics Smart Surface Treatments work by restructuring the surface at the molecular level without the use of chemical coatings, leaving the surface easier to clean/self-cleaning and protected from abrasion.

Nanotec-USA’s products are not the same technology as other “nanotechnology” products sold world wide. There is a difference in the technology, most work by way of a physical bond and not a chemical transformation. Please do not compare our NanoBionics treatments to other products, they are not the same. Nanotec-USA is not an internet store front re-seller or a franchisee, we work with our chemists in the laboratory where our NanoBionics treatments are engineered. The information provided on our website is of our own technology and our own testing results.

Hilux_GraphixThe NanoBionic treated surfaces will be easier to clean, and virtually self-cleaning when exposed to rain. We also have NanoBionic treatments for yachts, kitchen surface refinement, clear plastics, aviation and aerospace grade surfaces, concrete and stone, textiles and much, much more.

Demonstration of the super-hydrophobic effects of our NanoBionic Glass treatments.

Demonstration of our NanoBionic Surface treatment for Automotive Paint.

Hydrophobic Glass – A Real World Test

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