Paint Protection

Automotive paint protection“Money buys the BLING… Ultra Tint makes it SHINE!”

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Premium Mirror Finish Automotive Paint Protection Upgrade:

Nano Paint ProtectionImagine a paint finish so bright that you’d need sunglasses just to look at it in full sunlight. Our exclusively chosen products provide the highest shine available with a three dimensional depth of gloss rarely achievable with any other product. Why not give your car a non-stick, high gloss, all-weather sealant… Protect your new car from the elements and remove unsightly swirl marks and spider webs by having Paint Protection professionally applied to your vehicle by Ultra Tint Gold Coast. Our products and application methods have proven to provide the longest lasting, rock hard, mirror finish your car will ever see. Enhance your cars potential resale value today! Our professional paint protection system contains no adverse chemicals such as silicones, waxes, polymers, acrylics, or a combination of any 4 products or parts there of combined. This forms a covalent bond on and within the painted surface becoming part of the paint instead of just laying on top of the paint as many other products do.

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The chemical reaction that occurs once this protective paint treatment has been applied literally transforms the chemical structure of the vehicle’s paint to now share the properties of both the original paint and glass. Micro scratches, swirls, and oxidation are all removed permanently. The end result is a newly created type of paint/glass hybrid that is harder and more resilient than ever before. The newly treated paint has a much higher surface tension and causes water to sheet off instead of beading. It also has the ability to filter out over 98% of the sun’s UV-A & UV-B rays, the ability to block out air oxidation and corrosion, the ability to expand and contract with temperature variances up to 350 degrees Celsius and down to down to well below zero, without cracking fading or peeling and will hold up to regular washing. It will block damage from everyday environmental contaminants that always seem to find their way onto your vehicle. Bugs, bird and bat droppings, and tree sap will not stick to a vehicle protected by a top quality paint protection. Also, you will have the benefits of a paint surface so smooth and slick that the Air-Drag Coefficient of your vehicle will be significantly reduced, actually making your vehicle more aerodynamic! This is the absolute finest gloss enhancing paint protection currently available for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, yacht, personal watercraft, motor home, trailer, or aircraft.

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