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ULTRA PACK - New Car Protection PackageBuying a new motor vehicle is a major investment and many people want to protect and preserve their car’s potential future resale value, which is why “New Car Protection Packages” have long been one of the most popular after-market accessories.

The Ultra Pack is a collection of high quality Australian Made sealants and coatings backed by Nilrust, one of the longest established and most respected names in the Australian automotive care products industry, that WILL go the distance, and WILL save you money, Guaranteed. It’s availability is limited to only fully accredited applicators (like us) who agreed to abide by the highest installation and quality  standards.

The products and workmanship quality offered by specialist installers like Ultra Tint is in almost every verifiable way, superior to that offered by the aftermarket salesperson at any dealership. Many dealerships even outsource this kind of work to whoever is willing to do it for the lowest price.

And as we all know,

“The bitterness of poor quality remains
long after a sweet price is forgotten.”

attachment_51553657As the new car dealership prices for these products approach $2500 (or more) many new car buyers are deciding that protection packages no longer offer them good value for money.  In fact, few people know that most of the common packages offered by new car dealerships are owned, reboxed and distributed by the same company, sometimes known as MotorOne, formerly MING. These packages are promoted as wholesale products to the decision makers within a dealership as a last minute up-sell before finalising your contract. IE: “Would you like fries with that?” And for this reason alone, you are right to be skeptical about the end quality and high cost of these products.

The real double downside here, is that you never get to see that cheap price. Don’t be sucked in by impressively named products offered by your dealership – internally, and to their employees, it is simply called “paint” or “fabric” and there is very little difference in performance between the brands they choose to use, despite their best marketing attempts to convince you otherwise.

Call us to discuss ways that we can protect and preserve your valuable investment. No need for leather protection? No Problem. Already have window tinting? No problem. With packages from as little as $595.00, we can create a tailored protection solution for you and your car.

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  • Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection
  • Fabric Protection
  • Vinyl & Leather Protection
  • Electronic Rust Prevention

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