GPS Vehicle Tracking

What is it and how does it work?

GPS Vehicle Tracking - Track My RideGPS based vehicle tracking is the next generation in automotive security systems. It’s a passive, hidden system that automatically records your vehicle’s location, speed, direction and more every 10 seconds. It then transmits that data live via GPRS to a secure server, to be retrieved by you at any time via PC, tablet or smartphone, using your own unique Login ID and Password.

 Live Tracking

Vehicle Tracking LIVENot only can you pinpoint your vehicles exact location at any time, you can track it, LIVE, in real time with updates on it’s current speed and direction.  As your vehicle moves it will update its location on the map. It can even show multiple vehicles at once. If that’s not enough, you can even view historical data on where it’s been and how long it stopped at certain destinations.

Driving Reports For Business Use

Simplify your log book and ATO reporting processes with additional add-on features such as Driving Reports and Vehicle Statistics. All held safely on a cloud based secure server for you to access and recall at any time.

No SIM Cards and No Lock-In Contracts

GPS Vehicle TrackingAll service fees are optional. Track My Ride is a fully managed system. Unlike other systems, you don’t need to purchase an additional sim card for your tracking device or get locked into a contract with hidden subscription or access fees. Annual subscriptions are very affordable and can often be offset by the savings on your insurance premium each year. Best of all, new customers get 6 months free full featured access and 6 months free tracking, perfect!

Peace of Mind Installation

As a recommended installer for Track My Ride, Ultra Tint can install these devices in your car, truck, motorcycle or tractor, ensuring they are working correctly with optimal signal strength and invisible installation. Call us to discuss your options on (07) 5531 3955.

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