Rust Protection


100% Environmentally Friendly & Completely Chemical Free

Whether you are a commercial fisherman, or simply want to protect your valuable investment, Electronic Corrosion Control Systems will stop the chemical process from taking place that causes rust to form. Ultra Tint use and recommend the Nilrust system which is manufactured here in Australia, and provides the best possible protection for your car.  We can provide a rust prevention system to suit your budget and requirements.


  • Guarantee against perforation corrosion for ten years from manufacturers build date.
  • Product is transferable / relocatable to your next vehicle.
  • Helps to prevent scratch and stone chip corrosion from spreading.
  • Protects areas of your vehicle that conventional chemical rustproofing can’t reach.

Contact Us for more information on how you can protect your vehicle from being slowly reclaimed by mother nature.


Our experience has shown that conventional spray on rust proofing methods are not as effective as first believed. Not only is this method easily removed by stones, or under vehicle debris, but the quality of the installation is in most circumstances, unsatisfactory. Spray on methods will only protect the visible areas of the vehicle and offers little protection to areas that are either inaccessible, or hard to reach. Due to these considerations, Ultra Tint no longer offers or recommends this method of rust protection.

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