Night Time Privacy Tinting

We often get asked, “Will tinting my windows give me night time privacy?”

First, it’s important to understand how privacy is generated in the first place. When a window film is applied to glass, it inherently reduces the amount of light in the room, and reflects the bright light from outside.

Just like when wearing sunglasses, the person looking at you can’t see your eyes. All they see is their own reflection, however you can see out very clearly. Physics dictates that you can always see through towards the greatest source of light. This means that at night time, when it’s dark outside and you have your lights on inside, the situation often reverses.

 night time privacy tinting

Tinted windows with internal lights on.

So in a word, no. Tinted windows will not generally give you night time privacy. This rule isn’t without exceptions however. For example, privacy can be created with the use of a highly reflective film, combined with strong external lighting and slightly dimmer internal illumination.

In situations like bathrooms or front entry windows, a frosted film often works well to create privacy day and night while still allowing ambient light into the room during the day.

The easiest method for achieving night-time privacy is by simply closing your blinds or drapes at night. Blinds and drapes work very well in partnership with window film when it comes to privacy. Install the right window film on your glass and you get privacy during the day, which is of course the time when you, your employees and your clients most want to see out through the glass while at night you simply close the drapes, preventing someone from seeing inside.

Window film is an excellent solution to a variety of glass problems and challenges, including daytime and night time privacy. For a free consultation and advice on how window films can work for you, please contact us on (07) 5531 3955 and one of our window film specialists will contact you to discuss your unique situation.


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