Car Protection Packages

Buying a new motor vehicle is a major investment and most people want to protect their car’s resale value, which is why Car Protection Packages have long been one of the most popular after-market accessories.

However, as the car dealership prices approach $2000 (or more) many new car buyers are deciding that new car protection packages no longer offer them value for money… … and for good reason.

The product quality and workmanship offered by Specialist installers like Ultra Tint is in almost every verifiable way, superior to that offered by the aftermarket sales division of your local dealership. In fact, most dealerships outsource this work to whoever is willing to do it for the lowest price. And as we all know,

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet price is forgotten.”

The real double downside here, is that you the customer, never sees that cheap price. Instead you pay premium rates for an often inferior product.

Don’t be sucked in by impressively named products offered by your dealership – internally and to their employees, it is simply called paint protection or fabric protection and there is very little difference in performance between the brands they choose to use, despite their best marketing attempts to convince you otherwise. Remember, dealerships negotiate volume discounts with local suppliers for car protection packages, and this forces the suppliers to reduce costs in order to continue to make the higher volume deal profitable. (which usually means using lower quality, cheaper-to-buy products). Essentially, the only person who truly loses out of the deal, is the customer.

For example, to exploit community concern about skin cancer, many car dealerships now offer customers a “special” sun smart window film endorsed by the Cancer Council at a much higher price than other window films. These “special” films have a SPF rating of 50+. This sounds very impressive when compared to sun screen lotions. BUT, all window tinting films sold in Australia will block 99%+ of the UV rays anyway….. so, if you want to support the good work of the QLD Cancer Council, give them a donation directly instead.

Shop around and compare prices on car protection packages and you WILL save money, Guaranteed.

Car Protection PackageProducts like the Australian owned and manufactured Ultra Pack use superior ingredients that are specifically suited to our Australian conditions and are sold and applied only by installers who have undergone full training and certification in it’s correct application.
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Car Protection Packages

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