Graphene Carbon Nanotechnology

Graphene is astonishing. At least it has the potential to be. The strongest material in the world, it is made from a single layer of carbon atoms bonded in a hexagonal mesh. It’s completely flexible, and is more conductive than copper.

Graphene screen

Graphene Smart Window Films?

Imagine a window film that had the ability to vary its VLT (Visible light transmittance) just like a dimmer switch for natural light. A layer of liquid crystals placed between graphene filled electrodes as well as a transparent polymer, could allow windows to restrict light based on electrical inputs. When there is no applied bias between the electrodes, liquid crystals scatter light and the smart film is opaque. When a bias is applied, the voltage aligns them, allowing light to pass through, and the smart film turns transparent.

How about a film that can not only protect you from the sun, but also become the solar panels for your home or office using photo-voltaic technology, while still remaining completely transparent.

Liquid Crystal technology would allow your windows to become your television or computer screen. (yes, like you’ve seen on CSI Miami)  Windows could be illuminated at will, or even heated for warmth or insulation.


Graphene’s incredible strength also lends itself to potential uses in safety and security films for everything from human impact safety, to bomb blast and extreme weather event mitigation.

Graphene, and carbon nano-tube technology is set to revolutionise manufacturing and technology across the globe. Let’s hope our good friends in window film R&D are preparing to catch the same wave.

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