Factory Tinting Does Not Block Heat


USA Tinting LawsIf you’re driving a new or near new car, chances are it may be equipped with factory tinting in the windows behind the front doors. Commonly referred to as Privacy Glass, it’s purpose is to provide passengers and personal property items some privacy from outside. Light transmission levels can vary between manufacturers, but VLT’s of 15-25% are quite common. Find out more about QLD Tint Laws here. And then spare a thought for the US, who’s current window film regulations vary greatly from state to state. –>

While this may offer adequate privacy, it does little to protect you and your interior from heat entering through the glass. Installing a quality nano-ceramic window film will offer two very major benefits.

UV Protection

The Cancer Council have done a great job of making us aware of the dangers of Ultra Violet Rays, and often sunscreen is our first thought when contemplating spending long hours in the sun.
How many hours per day / per week would you say you spend in your car?
And while UV-C is blocked in our upper atmosphere, UV-B and UV-A radiation are the major contributing factors to:

  • Sunburn
  • Skin Cancer
  • Premature Aging
  • Interior Fading

Factory Tinting and the UV SpectrumWindow Tinting films block over 99%  of the UV radiation that enters our atmosphere every day. That’s an equivalent SPF factor of over 50+. Your car’s  interior will thank you, and your skin will thank you. UV protection for every moment your car is in the sun.

Heat Rejection

While having darker glass in a car might reduce the heat slightly by way of shading, it simply can’t compare to the levels offered by modern window tinting films. Advancements in deep-dye technology and nano-ceramics allow window tint to reduce significant amounts of heat, while still remaining unobtrusive, and optically clear. Sure, the dealership may offer you a “UV film” to put over the privacy glass to block UV, but you might as well go for one that also keeps you cooler inside the car.

 Could your car look and feel cooler this Summer?

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