Dealership v’s Tint Shops


When deciding whether to have your vehicle windows tinted at a dealership there are some factors you might want to consider:

1. The experience of the installer. Is he/she a mechanic that has just been trained by the local window film representative last week? Believe it or not this is a popular reality at some dealerships. It takes years of experience and guidance by an experienced installer to apply solar film professionally. Who would you like working on your vehicle?

2. The type of window film. As dealerships have taken on the role of window tinting over the past several years, their choices of product selection are driven by the bottom line…price of material. Cheaper films are not good. They have adhesive failures, color alteration and distortion problems. Quality films have little to zero warranty issues.

3. Price. Dealerships charge you a premium for convenience. The price is driven by the sales person not the quality of the product. They charge $400-500 for average to poor quality films. That is because they, in most cases, outsource the work to an external company. (usually to the lowest bidder) Our pricing is rated according to the quality of the film.

4. Professionalism. Do you want a company that offers window film to the buyer as a last minute upsell before closing a deal? Or an experienced professional with years of experience, who places his/her reputation (and income) solely in the hands of his/her quality of workmanship.

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