Cheap Window Tinting

Cheap window tinting

Cheap window tinting completely faded after only two years.

Selecting cheap window tinting based on who will give you the lowest price is by far the worst way to select a product or company. 

Cheap Window Tinting

The photo above shows three very good examples. This film was installed less than two years ago and has faded into non-existence even though the installer at the time assured the customer it had a lifetime warranty. The areas that still remain black are the sections of film that remain hidden behind a trim or door rubber. This is the result of choosing cheap window tinting.

The customers warranty claim was rejected by the original installer because the manufacturers warranty card does not explicitly state that it covers fading and color change. Actions like this reflect badly on the installer, the manufacturer, and the industry as a whole.

In our opinion, the following should have taken place:

  The installer firstly should have been using a better quality product, and secondly, should have done the right thing and honoured the warranty for his/her customer regardless of the manufacturers decision.

  The film manufacturers should be held accountable for minimum quality standards for the products they sell.

  Industry bodies like the Window Film Association should have more power to apply pressure to manufacturers and installers alike to ensure that the end user, (the customer) does not suffer as a result of poor quality products or workmanship.

The Solution:

We replaced the film on this ute with 3M Carbon series window film, which is not only guaranteed never to fade or turn purple, but it is scientifically impossible for it to do so. The reason for this is the carbon nano-particle impregnation technique used by 3M during the manufacturing process. The carbon, not a dye based adhesive, in the film gives it it’s colour, and since carbon particles will never break down when exposed to UV light, (think Carbon Dating) it is literally not possible for it to fade.

Something to think about next time you are considering using a product that seems slightly cheaper than the quality brand names that you know and trust….    ~  UT

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