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WA Changes Tint Laws

At long last, some uniformity between ADR rules and state regulations regarding window tint requirements. Just like in the Northern Territory, in Western Australia you are now (as of April 13th 2013) able to tint glass behind the driver (or the B pillar) to 20%VLT. The front windows as always must remain at 35% VLT. […]

Dealership v’s Tint Shops

DEALERSHIP TINTING v’s PROFESSIONAL WINDOW TINTING When deciding whether to have your vehicle windows tinted at a dealership there are some factors you might want to consider: 1. The experience of the installer. Is he/she a mechanic that has just been trained by the local window film representative last week? Believe it or not this […]

How Tint Cools Your Car

Tinted windows are created when solar control film is bonded onto a piece of window glass. Tinting film is usually made from clear layers of polyester film with very thin and even layers of tinting agents such as carbon and/or metals deposited onto the film.

Window Tinting Explained

DARKER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER: It is a common misconception that darker films will always work better in terms of heat reduction and UV protection. It is true that a darker shade of tint will always offer better glare reduction than a lighter tint, the reasons for which should be obvious. Allow us to provide more […]

Lifetime Warranty Disclaimer

WINDOW TINTING WARRANTIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL Have you factored in the hidden costs?     The Good, the Bad, and the Sneaky. Did you know that not all Lifetime Warranties are equal? Some written guarantees won’t cover you if the window film fades or turns purple.

Removing Old Window Tint

Should you do it yourself? FILM ADHESIVE TYPES There are two main types of window film adhesive. Pressure Sensitive adhesives used in automotive, as well as commercial safety and security films,  and Dry (aka CDF) Adhesives which are exclusively used in residential and commercial solar control films.

3M Crystalline Technology

3M CRYSTALLINE A Clear Breakthrough in Automotive Window Films If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look – then 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film is for you.