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Family Day Care & Glass Safety

Family Day Care is becoming a convenient and popular method of child care, and comes with certain responsibilities relating to child safety that must be adhered to. One area of concern that can be difficult to find accurate information about, is glass safety. Specifically, which windows need to meet the AS1288 Safety Standards as set […]

Factory Tinting Does Not Block Heat

FACTORY TINTING If you’re driving a new or near new car, chances are it may be equipped with factory tinting in the windows behind the front doors. Commonly referred to as Privacy Glass, it’s purpose is to provide passengers and personal property items some privacy from outside. Light transmission levels can vary between manufacturers, but […]

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Window Film Thermal Image

Received this by email from a client, demonstrating how effectively window film can reduce the temperature in cars. We’ll let his email do the talking… G’day Kevin,Did a test today to show how effective your 3M CS35​ Tint is on the front windows. Around 9am in Sydney, for about half an hour, I left the […]

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Window Film Care & Cleaning

Drying time: Your new window film will take about 3 to 5 days to completely dry, sometimes a little longer depending on film brand, type, and prevailing weather conditions. A slightly hazy or foggy appearance may be noticeable during this time, caused by residual moisture under the film that needs time to evaporate.  Cleaning Your […]

WA Changes Tint Laws

At long last, some uniformity between ADR rules and state regulations regarding window tint requirements. Just like in the Northern Territory, in Western Australia you are now (as of April 13th 2013) able to tint glass behind the driver (or the B pillar) to 20%VLT. The front windows as always must remain at 35% VLT. […]

2013 Customer Service Award!

Ultra Tint has earned the 2013 Service Award! Issued to only the TOP 5% of businesses in each state, this award summarises the appreciation we’ve been shown by our valuable customers. Thank you all so very much. We are truly humbled, and look forward to offering ever improving and unmatched service and quality as we […]