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Ultra Tint have been the premiere choice for quality Gold Coast window tinting for over 30 years.
With film choices to suit all budgets.
We are the only window tinting company on the Gold Coast confident enough to offer a
100% Money Back Guarantee on the quality of our workmanship.

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Ultra Tint: Quality Window Tinting in Carrara

Window tinting reduces the amount of light and heat passing through your windows by adding a film which interacts with the incoming solar radiation, preventing people from seeing inside as easily and reducing the heat inside the vehicle, your house or office building.

If you’re considering window tinting, we guarantee a professional service with some of the most experienced technicians in the Carrara area. We are a 3M licensed installers and national certified trainers, titles only given to companies with a proven track record of top-notch quality and service. We have a rigorous selection and testing process for the top window tinting technologies to assure your windows receive the best products on the market.

Install Premium Car Window Tinting in Carrara with Ultra Tint

Car window tinting comes with a bevy of benefits that many of you know, and some that aren’t as obvious. A car with tinted windows reduces the amount of UV radiation in your car, protecting you from increased exposure to these harmful rays. With less radiation coming in, people experience less heat and glare while in the car. In addition, heat reduction conferred by window tints help to maximize energy efficiency by reducing the load on your air conditioning. In summary, car window tinting gives both style and function to your vehicles windows.

Window tinting is an art, and our staff has mastered it. We are entirely comfortable with the different types of films that are used for tinting and can walk you through the best options for your car. Ultra Tint has been the Gold Coast’s premier choice for quality car window tinting in Carrara for the past 40 years.

Don’t Shut Out the Sun with blinds. Try Home Window Tinting in Carrara Instead

Below are just some of the advantages of professionally installed home window tinting:

  • Reduce sunlight – You don’t have to block out your natural light with curtains or blinds anymore. Stop making your space feel dim and dreary.
  • Improve privacy – No more nosey neighbours taking a peak over the fence, or passers by being able to look into your house from the street. Our home window tinting ensures privacy without sacrificing your view.
  • Better security – If a burglar tries to smash through one of your windows, dedicated security glazing films can reduce the ability to gain entry by shattering the glass, reducing the chances of a burglar successfully entering your house.
  • Save money – Home window tinting helps reduce the temperature, and means you won’t be so quick to turn on the air conditioning. Expect lower energy bills as a result!

Top Tier Office Window Tinting in Carrara

Window tint offers privacy and aesthetic qualities difficult to find in other office building features. For outside windows, a dark tint offers a professional looking visual facade. For office spaces with glass walls, a frosted look will allow the necessary privacy while still allowing the glass look to stay the building’s architectural focus. The diverse array of window films available makes it difficult for the average consumer to know what will best suit their project’s needs.

This is where our fantastic staff come in. We are professionals in our field, and we offer premier office window tinting services in Carrara. We’ve operated in the Gold Coast area for over 40 years, offering fantastic customer service, a plethora of window tinting options, and reliable installation that has made us a consistent recognised leader in the industry.

Our technicians know which solar films will work best for your situation, whether you’re trying to reduce the amount of glare on your computers, or trying to prevent future burglary with a reinforcing film on your building’s outside windows. Our installations have kept offices cool while allowing for increased energy efficiency by minimising heat from the sun that could lead to the cooling systems working harder. We are unmatched in office window tinting services in Carrara, so if you’re interested in protecting your office, contact us for an obligation-free, onsite quoting service and see find out how we can help you today!

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