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Window Tinting Explained

DARKER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER: It is a common misconception that darker films will always work better in terms of heat reduction and UV protection. It is true that a darker shade of tint will always offer better glare reduction than a lighter tint, the reasons for which should be obvious. Allow us to provide more […]

Paint Protection – The Truth

REAL FACTS ABOUT PAINT SEALANTS We have spent a great deal of time using, testing and researching paint protection systems over the last ten years and one dominating factor stands proudly above all else in the industry – MISINFORMATION, and highly deceptive methods of promoting product capabilities and expectations. Customers come to us absolutely confused after […]

Who’s Working On Your Car?

A TINT SHOP IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE What you see isn’t always what you get. Does the voice on the telephone or the facade on the front of the building tell you much about the quality of workmanship you’ll receive? Not Really. WHO works on your car is every […]

Removing Old Window Tint

Should you do it yourself? FILM ADHESIVE TYPES There are two main types of window film adhesive. Pressure Sensitive adhesives used in automotive, as well as commercial safety and security films,  and Dry (aka CDF) Adhesives which are exclusively used in residential and commercial solar control films.