Arbitration and Contract Law Common Law Perspectives

Arbitration and agreement are bound in three ways: (i) the arbitration agreement is itself a contract; (ii) there is in England (subject to a clear amicable exclusion) the possibility of reviewing the fidelity and accuracy of the arbitral tribunal in the application of English substantive contract law; (iii) The subject matter of arbitration is almost always a “contractual” issue. These three elements underpin this work. They appear as Part I (Agreement-Based Arbitration), Part II (Accuracy Monitoring), Part III (Summary of English Treaty Rules Commonly Encountered in Arbitration). This book deals with the contractual platform for arbitration and the application of contractual norms to the parties` dispute. Initial work to examine both the contractual basis of arbitration and the main English doctrines of contract law in arbitration Provides a concise analysis of the English contractual doctrines that are often covered in arbitration. Part of the book series Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice (IUSGENT, Volume 54) ISBN 10: 3319800817 ISBN 13: 9783319800813 Publisher: Springer, 2018 Softcover Book Description Hardcover. Condition: Nine. Seller`s inventory #6666-LBR-9783319271422. “Synopsis” could belong to another edition of this title. This special edition ISBN is currently unavailable.

The book will be a useful resource for foreign lawyers or non-English lawyers, English lawyers looking for a concise discussion and for arbitral tribunals. {{shippingLabel}} {{#showShipPrice}} {{bestListingForDislay.shippingToDestinationPriceInPurchaseCurrencyWithCurrencySymbol}} {{#showSurferCurrency}} ({{bestListingForDislay.shippingToDestinationPriceInSurferCurrencyWithCurrencySymbol}}) {{/showSurferCurrency}} {{/showShipPrice}} {{#showFreeShipping}} {{freeshipping}} {{/showFreeShipping}} {{shippingText}}. More information about this seller| Contact this seller… .

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