Afscme Iowa Contract 2019

If you have any questions about staffing policies or the benefits plan`s collective agreement, please contact the University`s Employee and Labour Relations (319-467-4142 or The proposed two-year contract would begin on July 1, 2019. Approximately 19,000 civil servants represented by the DER AFSCME would be affected. Iowa is offering sweeping 1 percent wage increases for each of the next two years to unions representing thousands of state employees in contract negotiations. Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, did not comment directly on the contract negotiations when she met with Statehouse reporters earlier this week. But she said she was “grateful” for the public employees who are “the boots on the ground” in the state government. Reynolds said that by compiling a state budget, it would “do its best with the resources we have.” The chief negotiator for the state of Iowa negotiates collective agreements with three union groups. Click on the links below to view the current contracts with each of these groups. Collective Agreement 2019 – 2021 between the State of Iowa and AFSCME, Council 61, AFL-CIO PDF Under the new law, most collective bargaining conducted by public sector unions is limited to basic wages. Most unions can no longer insist on negotiating with state employers on issues such as health insurance, assessment procedures, downsizing and leave for political purposes.

However, public safety workers, such as police officers and firefighters, have a broader list of issues to consider in contract discussions. An independent arbitrator can help settle contract negotiations when union members and management cannot agree on wages under the new law. It requires an arbitrator to review the employer`s ability to fund a wage increase. It also sets a cap on how much an arbitrator can increase wages. The wage increase should not be higher, whichever is lower: 3% or one percent, which corresponds to the increase in the cost of living described in the Consumer Price Index. 2019-2021 Agreement between the State of Iowa and SPOC PDF “A 1% pay raise and refusal to discuss permissive bargaining issues certainly doesn`t seem to me to be `gratitude,`” Homan said. We are not here to play games; We are here to call for a fair treaty – one that does not ridicule government employment. Iowa`s initial proposal to the AFSCME, unveiled Wednesday by the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, calls for a salary increase of 1 percent for fiscal year 2019 and 1 percent for fiscal year 2020. There are no provisions for graduated wage increases and no provision to accommodate the union`s request for the wording of the overtime contract or the union`s demands for negotiations on paid leave, leave planning and complaint procedures. Other trade unions that bargain collectively with State officials include the Council of State Police Officers; the United Professionals Scientific Unit of Iowa; and the Iowa United Professionals Social Services Unit.

They`ve also received offers from state officials for a 1 percent increase for each of the next two years, and they`re all demanding more money. Merit System Complaint Process (User Interface Operations Manual). The new rounds of negotiations will be conducted under a state law enacted by the Republican-controlled Iowa Legislature in 2017, which significantly reduced bargaining rights for 184,000 state and local Iowa public employees. The largest union — Council 61 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — made an initial proposal for 3 percent wage increases for each year. The AFSCME also aims for “progressive increases” in salary scales of 4.5% for each year. As of July 1, 2017, the terms and conditions of employment of Regent Merit System employees are based on the Iowa Code and the Iowa Board of Regents` Merit System Rules. Danny Homan, President of AFSCME Council 61, expressed his disappointment. He called the state`s original proposal “free of all dignity and respect” for the public employees Reynolds claimed to appreciate. Please note that the AFSCME collective agreement for 2021-2023, which covers basic salaries, will be available on this page. .

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