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Window films have traditionally been used in buildings and homes to reduce heat and glare during the day, and to save on energy costs in summer. Unlike standard solar films, EnerLogic Window Film is an all-season, low-emissivity film that produces savings in both summer and winter, thanks to it’s unique thermal insulation properties. EnerLogic transforms poorly insulating windows into highly energy-efficient windows. When applied by a certified installer, Enerlogic Window Film gives an improvement of your windows insulation properties of 92% compared to single pane glass.

“Enerlogic Window Films is the only WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) rated window film with ‘heating stars’ when applied to a generic aluminium framed window with 3mm clear glass. That means savings for heating costs that would normally go out the window.”  ~ EnerLogic

EnerLogic Window FilmEnerLogic’s superior thermal performance as a window insulation film has significant commercial benefits for the architectural, construction, and sustainability industries. Typically, windows and glass account for 15% to 30% of a buildings total heating costs due to heat loss and in some cases more than 30% of cooling costs caused by substantial heat gain during the day. EnerLogic can significantly reduce energy consumption, therefore boosting profitability as a result of superior energy efficiency.

Ultra Tint is one of a select few window film installers in SE QLD who are authorised and certified to sell and install EnerLogic Window Film. It’s unique performance abilities are due to it’s unique construction, and therefore require a very specific installation process which must be strictly adhered to for maximum product performance and longevity. It therefore goes without saying that the quality of the installer, is just as important as the quality of the product itself.

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