3M Carbon Black CS

3M Colour Stable Technology.


3M has developed a patented technology for producing window film that incorporates a unique process not found in conventional films.  While most other window film companies buy their polyester from someone else, 3M makes its own polyester.  During this process, 3M patented a technology for producing its own nano-carbon polyester.

This revolutionary and unique process, allows for maximum heat rejection without metals, which can interfere with radio and/or satellite signals.  It also gives our films a stylish look with outstanding colour stability.  In fact, it’s so advanced that in time-based tests, 3M Carbon Colour-Stable Auto Film never turned purple while conventional dyed films rapidly changed to a purple colour.

3M Carbon CS specifications

Improving comfort protecting vehicle interiors and the people who occupy them is a hallmark of 3M Automotive Window Films.  3M invented window films in 1966 and our innovative window tinting products have provided protection from the sun’s harmful rays for more than 40 years.

It should also be noted that radio reception is not the only reason to choose wisely when selecting a window tinting film. Most new cars have remote locking and immobilisation which relies on good signal strength between the key, and the receiver inside the car. Not to mention the potential for interference of good data reception for new generation smart phones.

3M Carbon CS film benefits

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